NHL Outdoors Lake Tahoe 2021

David gives a strong voice over performance for the “NHL Outdoors Lake Tahoe 2021” event. On Saturday, Feb. 20, the Avalanche will take on the Golden Knights, and the Bruins will play the Flyers on Sunday, Feb. 21. Both games will begin at 3 p.m. ET on NBC.

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NFL Promo on Fox | NFL

David voices a Fox | NFL promo for the December 25th game between the Vikings and the Saints.

Catch more of David’s work in the News Archive.

Charlie’s Angels Promo

Here’s a TV promo for Charlie’s Angels reruns featuring David Kaye as Charlie. It’s a no context clip found by the folks at @G4TVNoContext.

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Fox Promo for Prodigal Son

David voices the on air promotion for the Fox show Prodigal Son. Season 2 starts January 12th, 2021 and the Bright-Mare Binge can be seen on FoxNow or Hulu.

Catch more of David’s work in the News Archive.

Scene from Ben 10 Omniverse

Here’s scene from the 4th season of Ben 10 Omniverse where David is playing two characters from the same scene. He voices the character Malice and Ben as Gravattack.
Ben (as Gravattack) acts as a mediator of a peace conference between the Appoplexians and the Lewodans.

Catch more of David’s work in the News Archive.

Movies and Television

David Kaye is an award-winning voice over actor with nearly 30 years experience in movie and television.


Last Week Tonight

Ratchet and Clank





David Kaye starred as the Narrator in Pixar’s Oscar-winning movie Up.


David Kaye’s voice has been featured in hundreds of animated series. In 2016, David was inducted into the Transformers Hall of Fame for his years as Megatron, Optimus Prime and many other Transformer characters.

Ben 10


Optimus Prime


David Kaye is the voice behind Clank, a robot and the right hand of space traveler Ratchet. Ratchet and Clank is a video game series as well as a major motion picture.

Movie Trailers

David Kaye narrates Hollywood’s biggest movies including the 2016 blockbuster The Secret Life of Pets.


Secret Life of Pets

Bad Moms

Ted 2

David Kaye narrated the national movie trailers for The Secret Life of Pets.

Radio and TV Affiliates

David Kaye provides radio and television imaging and branding for more than 150 markets world wide.

WOMC Detroit

KPAW Colorado


KGTV, San Diego

David Kaye voices an expose on drug cartels in Cincinnati for WCPO-TV, channel 9.


David Kaye’s voice over talents promote a variety of products for major corporations such as
Dodge, Jack in the Box, and Dr Pepper.


Jack in the Box



David Kaye narrates the 2009 Super Bowl commercial called “I’m Good” for Pepsi Max.

Concert Promotion

The biggest musical acts in the world use David Kaye as the voice of the concert promos.

Adele In Concert

Janet Jackson

Barbra Streisand

Iggy Azelea

David Kaye was the voice for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour.

TV Promo

Golf Channel


US Women’s Open

OJ Simpson

David Kaye narrates the Manning Hour for Fox Sports

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