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David Kaye is a Los Angeles based voice artist. With roots in radio, he has developed an extensive clientele in radio and television broadcasting. He works on cartoons and animation, commercials, movie trailers and a variety of narration projects. David has been cast in dozens of animated shows and video games, including a role as Megatron in Beast Wars. He has a nearly twenty-year relationship with the Transformers franchise. In 2007, David become the first actor in the franchise to play both Megatron and Optimus Prime.

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David Kaye
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David’s acting background and numerous projects in promo and animation work lend to his imaginative versatility in radio imaging work. Witty, wry, edgy, goofy and fun to powerful and persuasive are some of the many words that describe David. His voice is very adaptable and can fit with a number of different formats. He also does outstanding character voices. Examples of current clients include Rock CILQ/Toronto, Rhythmic AC stations KHHT/Los Angeles and KJHM/Denver, Classic Hits WROR/Boston, Classic Rock WCSX/Detroit and many more.

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