“It’s not often I get chills while reading a script for various things over the years. Sometimes, when the piece affects you in a certain way, you will. But that changed yesterday. Even though I’ve been an ex pat for a long while the Canadian blood still runs through my veins and a love for hockey will never go away. I was contacted by one of the producers from that famed Canadian institution of Hockey Night in Canada. I had the opportunity to narrate a piece before tonight’s game 7 between the Rangers and Lightning. It’s certainly not the biggest gig or most noteworthy of my career BUT being a kid from Canada and growing up watching HNIC and idolizing that institution and that great game, it was one of my proudest. It’s not often I get called upon to do work for the home country. Im mostly recognized for work done here and my career is here. My family is here and we’re about to become citizens of a great country that has been very good to me and my family. But there is something special about being recognized by the people and the country where you were born and raised. So in closing its almost as if my home country has given me a wink and said ‘ya did good kid’ and it’s my way of being able to say ‘thanks Canada. You will always be in my heart’. It’s game 7 hockey fans! Drink it in. Enjoy and never forget where you’re from.”